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What is TimeChain ?

Shenzhen space-time shuttle Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative celebrity time sharing trading platform, adhering to the most valuable time to share the most needed people. Add value to the celebrities and help the fans to dream. The space-time shuttle builds a celebrity time ecosphere by block chain technology, creating a new model of sharing economy and fan economy.


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CTEP (Celebrities Time Exchange Platform)will be known as the world’s first platform that establishes a unique end-to-end distribution of a celebrities time using blockchain technology. In addition to a full set of selfdeveloped blockchain ecology, the system will include Celebrities IP Exchange Platform, Celebrities Time Delivery System, Celebrities Credit and Pricing System, as well as providing an APP with the function of trans-chain payment wallet.

For the first time dare spirit; never give up attitude towards life; to share the theme of cooperation and win-win business philosophy value.
Bright spot of enterprise
Real trading, 24hours is not limited. Celebrities are released in seconds, and celebrities are at the core. They can be bullish and bearish.

Innovative trading mode

Create celebrity time, name enterprise application scene, circulate in the outside field, carry on the value added conversion on line or under line anytime and anywhere.

Block chain ecology

Expand the network red broadcast, film and television culture, enterprise training and other sections to form an open and ecological comprehensive platform to achieve the sustainable development of the platform. To create a world of celebrities of time value aggregation.

Open ecological integrated platform

enterprise value
The celebrities in different fields share the time in seconds, spreading the share of celebrities' positive energy and experience content, and increasing the value of celebrities while meeting the needs of fans or users.

Celebrity value

Provide time for investment celebrity fans, unique channel with the wishes of the idols, and meet the need of developing star fans.

User value

The integration of the upstream and downstream industry chain of knowledge sharing and fans will help to share the economy and upgrade the fan economy.

Industry value

Transform time into productivity to satisfy the needs of economic transition in China, and include fans as an important component of value cycle to accelerate the development of value economy.

Innovative productivity mode

Time shuttle has founded celebrity fund to aid the innovative projects of “blockchain+”, so that entrepreneurs can have wider space to grow and achieve personal and societal values. It will devote 5% of the fund into charity.

Positive entrepreneurial eco-cycle mode


Time transaction

First celebrity time sharing trading platform

Time business city

As it’s known to us, people have to pay a heavy price for the time of celebrities because they are influential people. The appearance and activities of these celebrities cannot only meet the needs of fans or users, but also can make a great positive impact. For example, the well-known Warren Buffet lunch is a global charity auction. The winner gets to spend several hours at lunch with Warren Buffett who is known for his investing power and financial prestige. CTEP will show how to efficiently distribute the celebrities’ time to consumers.

Lack of market time

Waste of time is serious

The value of time is lack of maturity

Tedious settlement

great risk

Lack of effective supervision

We will use our very own CTEP Three Tier Method. Protocol layer, extension layer and application layer. It uses the private block chain (which can be extended into consortium block chain with an entry threshold) built on the internet. We will release a certain amount of TBT and the exclusive token of each celebrity. This solution builds the primary, secondary and third-level time exchange platform. It is a time valuation assessment system. The optimization of the mathematical model of each celebs evaluation system will be continuously carried out by a machine learning and deep learning mechanism. Meanwhile, an effective risk control system for the secondary and third-level market of each celebrity will be established.
The Celebrity IP Exchange Platform and Celebrity Time Delivery System will be seamlessly integrated to Celebrity Time Exchange Platform to ensure an efficient transformation among each system.
CTEP (Celebrities Time Exchange Platform)
The Ecological Composition and Business Logic of CTEP
Main Modules of CTEP Ecology
Participants of CTEP

Celebrity IP Mall

Celebrity Time Mall

Token and TBT Settlement Center

Time Operating System

Celebrities ITO Release System


Platform’s Operators

Time Managers

Time Investors

Time Exporters

Time Consumers

CTEP Distributed System
Team Introduction
Executive Team
Investment & Advisory Team
Elaine Shao
Former founder of Qiheng media
Former founder of Enlightened Wisdom Culture
Major internet celebrity live show mentor
Works: movie Memory of Love, online movie Princess Escape, Wedding Impression
Eric Mika
co-founder/COO, former Senior VP of LeEco Holding & Faraday Future. Managing Director of Fidelis Global Enterprises, LA & NY based media, communications and entertainment. Senior VP & Publisher the Hollywood Reporter of Nielsen Entertainment Group. SVP of VNU Business Media. Education on New York University and American University.
Jim Wiatt
Board Director, former chairman and CEO of William Morris, the Former largest talent agency in the U.S.. He has a very rich celebrity resource, especially in movies, television, music, distribution, sports and many other areas. Besides, he embraces a wide range of experience of strategy, market and implementation. In the past he once served as co-chairman and CEO of International Creative Management(ICM). Finally he graduated from Southern California USC.
Michael G. Corrigan
Board director. Former SVP and CFO of Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) Inc, a major Hollywood studio. Former senior partner in Entertainment, Media at Price Waterhouse. Graduated from Law School Trinity College, Dublin.
Ray Jimenez
Senior operating director. Former GM of new digital media department of Zero Gravity in US. Former director of ACC in US, which is one of the biggest talents agent.
Also worked for NBC many yeas. Excellent operation skill and business development experience. Graduated from Loyola Marymount University.
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